KS-Maschinen has existed since 1985 and specializes in the design and manufacturing of machines in welding technology.
After the build-up of a choice of standard welding machines (consisting of corner welding machines, longitudinal seam welding machine, circumferential seam welding machine as well as turn tables and roller horses), KS Maschinen started to concentrate more on the development and production of special purpose machines, built to customer specifications.


Since the use of robot units, SPS- and CNC controls is now increasing rapidly, KS-Maschinen is able to offer its customers machines which are not just designed for one purpose, but can be used for various manufacturing processes with very little effort in redesign.
During the whole creative manufacturing process (consulting, planning, design) as well as later in service, ´the customers´ wishes and needs are focused on.

We will only be satisfied, if our customer is satisfied first.


The design of this website is deliberately uncomplicated and simple –the aim being to provide viewers with fast, logical and comprehensive access to KS - Maschinen products.
Within in this homepage you can find information about actual machines, built by KS-Maschinen. Just follow the button “ machines “ on the left. If you would like to get in touch, you will find the necessarry informationen under the button "address " and “ contact “, again on the left hand side.

We at KS-Maschinen look forward very much to hearing from you!